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Tokachi - resting in Kushiro


Takazawa Guesthouse

1 minute walk away from urahoro station

​A simple and clean guesthouse

【Address】Tokachi gun urahoro cho haza honcho 83 banchi

【Rates】one night’s stay with two meals – 6500 yen

【Guest rooms】

  • Single bed rooms    4 rooms

  • Double Bed room   1 room

  • Japanese style room    3 rooms

【Number of guest 】     12 persons

1 minute away from urahoro station

a traditional old fashioned inn

【Address】Tokachi gun Urahoro cho Sakae machi 61 banchi

【Holidays】Golden Week, Bon Festival, New Year holidays


  • one night's stay, 2 meals     6,200 yen

  • one night's stay, 1 meal      4,600 yen

  • one night's stay with no meals  3,900 yen

【Rooms】Japanese style rooms – 9 rooms

【Number of guest】13 persons

Hashimoto guesthouse

A camping ground in the mountains that is close to the urban city, a suitable environment for a short camp trip because of the location.

【Address】Tokachi gun urahoro cho honcho 83 banchi

【Working days】April 29〜 October 31

【Rooms/ Rates】

  • Bungalow Builiding A (10 accommodations)  6 persons:3500 yen

  • Bungalow Builiding B (1 accommodation)  10 persons :5000 yen

  • Automobile camping 1 block,1 night:2000 yen

  • Free site camping   1 tent, 1 night:1000 yen


A Ph.10 alkaline hot spring that beautiful skin need, you can feel the benefits immediately after bathing.

【Address】tokachi gun urahoro cho haza sakaya machi 61 banchi

【Holidays】Golden Week, Bon Festival, New Year holidays


・Cottage (1 accomodation)

・May 1 ~ October 31 1 night :16,000 yen
            Day trip:10,000 yen

・November 1 ~ April 30 1 night :21,000 yen
            Day trip:13,000 yen

【 Number of guest 】10persons

【Bath rates】 Adults: 500 yen  Elementary students or younger: 300 yen

Accommodation・Hot spring

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