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Personalized and Full-tailored Tokachi Bird-Watching Tour with a Local Guide


A trip to find wild birds at Urahoro Town; a place abundant of migrating wild birds

An ecosystem nurtured by the downstream area of Tokachi River. Since the mountain, the river, and the sea are all near and compact, it will not take a long time to see the different kinds of wild birds that habituate each area. “I want to take my time watching plenty of wild birds.”; we are ready to provide service fit for requests like this.


You can also see quintessential birds of the eastern region such as the Japanese crane, Steller's sea eagle and white-tailed eagle.

In the season when the Hokkaido salmon lays its eggs, wild predatory birds such as the Steller’s sea eagle and white-tailed eagle swarm to prey on these eggs. You have the opportunity to watch this swift and powerful sight.On the bank of a stream is a large tree where more or less than 20 birds are perched and it is a majestic sight to see.


A knowledgeable local guide can accurately guide you to observation points.

Every season we are fascinated by these birds. Local guides who have been observing wild birds for a long time at this area will be happy to guide you to the point where they are located.













We prepared a table summarizing the observation times of quintessential summer birds that can be observed in the downstream part of the Tokachi River.

Please download and use.

Participation Fee
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​Meeting place: Urahoro Station

​What to bring: Observation gadgets/device, Cameras, Comfortable clothing/Active Wear

Mode of Payment

◯Payment is accepted through bank transfer or directly paying cash on the day.


◯Please make your reservation 10 days in advance.

◯Please contact us for participants of more than 4 people.

◯All tours are private tours where the local guide will take you around by car.

◯If you are carrying equipment for bird watching, please wear activity-appropriate clothing.

◯The meeting place is at Urahoro Station. For request for transportation from Obihiro Airport, please contact us.


◯For cancellation fee, we will charge 100% on the day, 50% for three to two days in advance; any time before that we will not charge you for cancellation fee. Cancellation fee will not be incurred in case of cancellation of guided tour due to inclement weather.

Application Form


◯ About 1 hour by car from Obihiro Airport / 1 hour by car from Kushiro Airport

◯ The limited express between Obihiro Station and Kushiro Station stops at Urahoro station. You can commute using JR line.

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