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Healed by the fragrance of Japanese rose
​Japanese rose picking and distillation experience

Wrap yourself in the scent of roses that can heal your mind and body

With more than 1400 stalks carefully planted in the Japanese rose farm, you will get the chance to pick flower petals. The moment you step into the farm, you will be enveloped by the sweet and refreshing fragrance of the Japanese rose. The Japanese rose fragrance is said to have effects bringing happiness and improving one’s mood. Why not come experience flower picking while being wrapped in the fragrance of Japanese roses?


Beautifying properties of Japanese rose

Japanese rose, a popular flower for locals as it is designated as a representative of Hokkaido’s flower. This bright red and pink flower blooms twice in a year – early summer and autumn. The fragrance of this flower is also said to be superior to damask rose.Roses have many benefits, like moisturizing the body and relax the mind. Many people are starting to draw their attention to the relaxing effects of the scents of flowers (such as nerol, a rose scent used in perfumery), and the antioxidant effect (rose polyphenol) and vitamin C in petals.


The petals collected are taken to our workshop that once used to be an elementary school and has been renovated into many shops including a cafe.  We delicately wash the petals and put them into a glass steamer. The petals are slowly distilled until the extracted water smells of Japanese Rose. This distilled Japanese Rose water is quite rare and hard to get ones hands on. As a souvenir, we will hand you the extract in a shaded bottle that protects against the light.

Making Floral Water with Petals

Participation fee

Guided tour

Price per person: 4,500 yen 

(Includes lunch at the old elementary school cafe)

Time: 3 hours (Includes transportation time)


Season : June 20th - July 10th

         August 20th - September 10th

Meeting place: Urahoro station

Please be at the meeting place in accordance with the start time.

Method of Transportation: Please use your own vehicle or a rental vehicle.

Required items: Active clothing


Method of ​Payment

◯You can pay with cash on the day, or make bank transfer payment beforehand.


◯Please do reservation 3 days beforehand.

◯Since this activity has a capacity of 2 to 10 people, please make a reservation 3 days  prior..

◯A local guide will guide you.

◯The meeting place is JR Urasoe station. In case of pickup from the Obihiro Airport, please contact us.

○In the case bad weather, we will be using petals that have been picked in advance. In addition other activities will be prepared such as rose syrup making.


Cancellation/ Change

◯For cancellation fee, we will charge 100% on the day, 50% for three to two days in advance; any time before that we will not charge you for cancellation fee. Cancellation fee will not be incurred in case of cancellation of guided tour due to inclement weather.

Application Form


◯ About 1 hour by car from Obihiro Airport / 1 hour by car from Kushiro Airport

◯ The limited express between Obihiro Station and Kushiro Station stops at Urahoro station. You can commute using JR line.

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